April 2014 - PLASA FOCUS / SOULSOUND lectures

What Does Good Sound Sound Like?

PLASA Focus: Leeds 2014


What Does Good Sound Sound Like?


Funktion-One founders, Tony Andrews and John Newsham, will be joined by legendary sound engineer, Roger Lindsay, as they lead a PLASA Focus: Leeds discussion entitled ‘What Does Good Sound Sound Like?’


The seminar takes place on Wednesday 30th April at 2.30pm, in the Leeds Royal Armouries Museum’s Bury Theatre. The trio of audio experts will examine what we perceive as ‘good sound’ by discussing the importance of individual links in the audio chain.


The session forms part of a daylong ‘Inspiring Excellence in Audio’ programme, which is being curated by audio industry career experts, Soulsound. The overarching objectives for the day are to inspire excellence in audio and nurture professional development.


The ‘What Does Good Sound Sound Like?’ session will focus on the fundamentals of what good sound is and how it can be achieved. It will highlight the ability of human hearing and encourage people to listen with their ears rather than their eyes. By doing so, it is hoped listeners will understand that they have creative input, and empower them to follow their own audio instincts.


“I am very proud to have Tony, John and Roger participating in the Soulsound day of Inspiring Excellence in Audio,” says Soulsound’s Darryn de la Soul. “I have always found the Funktion-One fellows to be very inspiring to me personally, and hope to bring this feeling to my audience of young engineers, who are trying to make a career for themselves. With everybody claiming that their products ‘sound great’, how do we know what really does and what doesn’t? How do we learn and judge this for ourselves? The final talk of the afternoon ‘What Does Good Sound Sound Like?’ promises to be intriguing, possibly controversial and definitely entertaining.”


PLASA Focus: Leeds 2014 is free to attend.

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