This summer, after 13 years of fun, founder and ‘Head Gardener’ Freddie Fellowes called time on one of the UK’s best loved festivals: Secret Garden Party (SGP). A trailblazer of the boutique festival scene, SGP grew from a small gathering of 500 into a giant bubble of brand-free, independent inclusivity; a community of all-encompassing, come-as-you-want-to-be fun.

Over the years, SGP had become something of an open ‘secret’, steadily growing in size as word spread – its final instalment drawing a crowd of over 30,000 to say goodbye in style. Despite this, the event managed to retain its spirit of playful adventure.

For attendees – appointed ‘Gardeners’ for the week and sent forth to cultivate fun – this was a gateway to a shindig of Gatsbyan proportions, but on a perennially intimate scale; a party where eccentric pleasures were encouraged and enabled by a selection of weird and wonderful spaces with equally weird and wonderful names; pockets filled with magic, mud wrestling (optional) and, of course, music.

By their final year, the SGP crew had become masters of maximising sensory stimulation – including, in the case of audio, the use of a Funktion-One system on 11 stages and event spaces across the site, courtesy of two suppliers: Audio Feed and Vortex Events.

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