Situated in one of the oldest underground locations in Kraków, Prozak 2.0 is a 600 sqm nightclub, which boasts three dancefloors, four bars, and a Funktion-One sound system that has taken the venue to a ‘completely new level’.

A reincarnation of a popular club Prozak, Prozak 2.0 has been created for people who are passionate about underground electronic music. Over the last six years, the venue has welcomed a host of top DJ, producers, including: Ellen Allien, Christian Loffler, Kiasmos, Kollektiv Trumstrasse, Michael Mayer, Radio Slave, and Apparat.

The venue’s move towards Funktion-One sound began in 2013, when the DJ Rafal Zieciak contacted F1 Dystrybucja Polska and requested a Funktion-One demo for a club in Lodz. Zieciak was a resident there, and while the four-point Resoution 4 / F121 system impressed, the owners were unable to invest.

Fast forward to 2016 when Zieciak recommended Funktion-One to Prozak 2.0’s manager, Tobiasz Kałkowski. This led to two different Funktion-One systems being demoed in the venue.

F1 Dystrybucja Polska’s Michal Rojewski explained:In September 2016, over the weekend during normal club operation, we tested two systems. On the first night, we demoed four Resolution 4Es with four F121s, and on the second night we demoed two Evolution 6Es with four F121s. After the demos, everyone agreed that Evolution 6 is system of choice, so with the help of Funktion-One’s John Newsham and Mike Igglesden, we designed a system based on Evo 6SH with F215mk2 and subs for the club on level -2.

“We still didn’t know if F121 subs were the right choice for that space or if BR121s would work better, so at the beginning of 2017 we did another demo with both subs and a pair of Resolution 2 tops. After the demo, we decided that the F121s were the right choice.”

Through that demo, the Prozak 2.0 team fell in love with the Resolution 2s, leading to an extension of the design on level -1. The Evo 6SH system would remain on level -2 (which is typically open on Friday and Saturday nights) as planned, and the Res 2 system would be installed on level -1 (which opens five to seven nights a week).

The entire installation, including new cabling, was completed in only four days by the F1 Dystrybucja Polska team – Michal Rojewski and Matthew Bate. This allowed the club to open Level -1 on the Thursday night and the full venue the following night.

Rojewski said: “These four days were very long and hard but after Matthew Bate fine-tuned the systems on the opening nights, we and the club owners were very pleased with the final result, which has taken Prozak 2.0 to a completely new level in the Polish club scene.”

Prozak 2.0 system:
Level -1
Dancefloor: 4 x Resolution 2 mk2, 4 x F121
DJ monitors: 2 x F1201
Bar: 4 x F101, 2 x MB212
Amps: 4 x MC2 E25, 1 x MC2 E45, 1 x FFA6004, 1 x FFA10000
Control: 2 x FFA Matrix DSP

Level -2
Dancefloor: 2 x Evo 6SH, 2 x F125Mk2, 4 x F121
DJ Monitors: 2 x F1201
Bar: 2 x F101
Amps: 1 x Linea Research 88C10, 1 x Linea Research 44C20


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