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E-Series Amplifiers

OEM E Series amplifiers from MC2


  • Lightweight switching power supply with large power reservoir giving
  • extremely high peak power without any bass sag
  • MC2 proprietary current driven output stages for ultra
  • high definition sound
  • Full high frequency power
  • Power delivered over the entire audio bandwidth
  • Soft start 'power on' with full in-rush protection
  • Low distortion limiters with adjustable threshold points


Please note the E45, E60Q, E90 and E100Q are no longer available.
See D-Series amplifiers for suitable replacements. 


The E Series amplifiers are a range of lightweight, SMPS power amplifiers designed and manufactured by MC2 Audio. This range of ultra high fidelity amplifiers have all the necessary qualities of reliability and sonic excellence to ensure that the full potential of a Funktion One loudspeaker system can be realised. Although the amplifiers are ideal for touring due to their light physical weight and compact size (2U), they are equally well suited for the installation environment. The range consists of three amplifiers, the E15, E25 and E30Q


Additional Features:

  • Sophisticated power control system linked to both the limiter and the power supply, keeping the amplifier within its operating limits at all times.
  • Power Reduction Circuit (PRC) controls on rear panel, linked to the limiter threshold which allows each channel to be independently set so that different loudspeakers can be connected to each channel with safety.
  • Optional cross-over cards available. 24dB/Octave Linkwitz Riley.
  • Full DC, short circuit and thermal protection, which automatically reconnects when the fault is cleared. Front panel LEDs indicate fault condition.  


E15 Two Channel Amplifier:

Output power per channel

8Ω - 425W; 4Ω - 750W; 2Ω - 1400W  


E25 Two Channel Amplifier:

 Output power per channel

8Ω - 650W; 4Ω - 1250W; 2Ω - 2200W


E30Q Four Channel Amplifier:

Output power per channel

8Ω - 750W; 4Ω - 825W  


E60Q Four Channel Amplifier:

Discontinued, replaced with D Series D80


E90 Two Channel Amplifier:

Discontinued, replaced with D Series D120


E100Q Four Channel Amplifier:

Discontinued, replaced with D Series D100


N.B. Please note that the E-Series amplifiers have an opposite airflow to that of the F-Series amplifiers and therefore, when used together in a rack it is advisable to place the F-Series at the top of the rack.

Technical Drawings:

E-Series Amplifiers Technical Drawing
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