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PSM12 Point Source Monitor

Compact Point Source Monitor


  • Small yet powerful
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Sturdy construction
  • Point source driver arrangement
  • Integral 35mm pole mount
  • Switchable passive network


Operating Band


at 1m





12" 30Hz - 2k5Hz 101dB at 2.8V 400W 8Ω**
1.4" 2k5Hz - up 111dB at 4V 75W 16Ω**


**8Ω Nominal impedance in passive mode

Go to crossover settings

Frequency Response ± 3dB: 65Hz - 17kHz

23kg (50lbs)

Nominal Dispersion: 70° Conical

2 x Speakon NL4


The PSM12 addresses a need for an extremely powerful yet compact Floor Monitor with the qualities of the ground-breaking PSM18 in a much smaller package.  It features a custom designed 4” voice coil 12” driver for maximum power at low frequencies and a 1.4” compression driver for high frequencies.  Funktion One’s unique driver technology allows the compression driver crossover point to be nearly an octave higher than is typical, resulting in an extremely present but smooth sound particularly under pressure.  The 70° high frequency conical waveguide is concentric with the 12” driver giving a point-source arrangement which is optimum for even coverage and minimising feedback.  The monitor is switchable between passive and active operation and is supplied with a 35mm integral stand mount.  Funktion One’s holistic driver, enclosure and waveguide design make this product an outstanding monitor.

Technical Drawings:

PSM12 Point Source Monitor Technical Drawing
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