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RES 18

Res 18


  • Identical size to Resolution 4 and 5 for use in arrays
  • Funktion One designed Neodymium driver
  • Built-in flying hardware
  • Supplied with protective wheelboard
  • Optional scrim for discrete appearance


Operating Band


(1W at 1m)





18" 25 - 125Hz 103dB 450W 8Ω


Frequency Response ± 3dB:

40Hz - 250Hz

Weight (without wheelboard):

41kg (90lbs)


NL4 Panel and captive lead

in cable recess


The Resolution 18 bass loudspeaker enclosure has been specifically designed for use in Resolution 4 and Resolution 5 touring arrays where flown bass is required. It is dimensionally identical to its R4 and R5 counterparts and incorporates the same integral quick fly rigging system. Comprising a high efficiency, horn loaded 18” driver with Neodymium magnet it delivers responsive and accurate bass from a small and manageable enclosure. Where ground stacked bass is required we would advocate the use of the renowned F218 double 18'' bass enclosures. The Resolution 18 is an evolution of this design. The revolutionary flying system, (patent pending), makes the system extremely fast and easy to fly . With Resolution, there is no need for separate flying trunks or losable parts such as chains, links, pins or tools, as all inter-cabinet flying hardware is completely built into the enclosure.

Technical Drawings:

Res 18 Technical Drawing
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Product in Action: