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Touring Flying System

Point Source all the way!

The patented Resolution Flying System is both innovative and simple. A full arena cluster can be flown and trimmed by two people in less than half an hour, which makes it amongst the fastest loudspeaker rigging systems available. It also facilitates precise arraying and trimming of the spherical array whilst preserving the geometrical order necessary for coherent sound.


Touring Resolution 4s, 5s and 18s are dimensionally identical to each other and share all necessary inter-cabinet flying hardware.  A five wide, three deep Resolution 5 cluster with downfills weighs less than 1 ton and flies from a single point.  The simplicity with which the cluster clips together, combined with the lightness and small size of the enclosures, makes working with the system straighforward from a handling and rigging perspective, as endorsed by enthusiastic users world wide.  As an aside, the 'flying' system is also convenient when ground-stacking.  Enclosures can be easily and securely linked together and aimed. 



FG55 Grid and 5 shackles - 54.25kg
Chain bridle (c/w rear leg hoist) - 11kg
5 column hangers & tilt straps - 25kg
Total flying weight without Loudspeakers - 90.25kg

FG53 Grid and 5 shackles - 31.25kg
Chain bridle (c/w rear leg hoist) - 11kg
3 column hangers & tilt straps - 15kg
Total flying weight without Loudspeakers - 57.25kg


To calculate system weight just add: 49kg per R5; 46kg per R4; 41kg per R18; 20kg per R4D

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Technical Drawings:

Touring Flying System Technical Drawing
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