Since opening in late-February, luxury supper club Black Owl has taken PIK Golf Island in Northern Jakarta by storm with its high-end dining and entertainment experience. At the heart of its music-focused offering is an impressive Funktion-One sound system from PT. Electro Audio Engineering.

Owned and operated by Murino Berjaya Indonesia, the 1,000m2 space has been designed to give guests uninterrupted views of the stage from anywhere in the venue. The performance area and its captivating LED backdrop are the focal point of the main room, where the entertainment programme combines a mix of live music and DJ performances.

PT. Electro Audio Engineering’s Linson Sugianto explained: “We had installed a different brand system for the group around four or five years ago, when they were still at a smaller venue in Jakarta. When they grew, they wanted something that would sound simply amazing and would make them the top lounge/nightclub destination in Jakarta and Indonesia in general. So, we recommended Funktion-One and they were very, very impressed.”

Black Owl’s sound system features two pairs Funktion-One Evo 6E with Evo 6EL mid/bass reinforcement, flown stage left and right. The Evo 6EL supplements the Evo 6E cabinets to provide additional mid bass headroom, which is especially useful for flown installations. A row of four Funktion-One F221 bass enclosures deliver punchy and involving low end from stage front and Funktion-One F1201s and BR118s provide coverage in the peripheries.

Sugianto said: “The system sounds big and powerful, with very low distortion and excellent clarity. The owners have been very supportive of the project and have allowed the budget to get the best quality – this is quite rare in Indonesia.”

Murino Berjaya Indonesia’s spokesperson commented: “We are extremely satisfied with the Funktion-One Evo system installed at Black Owl PIK Golf Island Jakarta. This system elevates the standards of lounge/club in Indonesia for the future. Black Owl PIK Golf Island Jakarta is certainly a ‘barometer’ of the next standard for Indonesian lounge/club sound quality moving forward.”

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