Indonesian lifestyle and entertainment brand, Holywings, has partnered with PT. Electro Audio Engineering to bring Funktion-One sound to its latest venues. The group, which has over 30 café, bar and club venues across the country, has set its sights on growing to 100 outlets and is in the process of creating Asia’s largest beach club.

The design concept of each Holywings venue is guided by the latest trends, taking inspiration from major cities around the world. “We bring ideas that we’ve picked up from other countries that are new to Indonesia,” explains Holywings Group’s Marvin Saputra. “Then we tailor them for our audiences and add a unique energy that can compete with other countries.”

This includes the Funktion-One sound systems that are helping to bring a new level of experience. Saputra reveals: “We think Funktion-One offers the best sound systems right now. Therefore, to be the best place, we also need the best sound system to provide the best ambience to our customers.”

Jakarta-based PT. Electro Audio Engineering installed the Funktion-One sound systems, which were supplied by distributor DMP Musik. Saputra comments: “Cooperating with PT. Electro Audio Engineering is very satisfying. We’re very grateful to be able work with them and appreciate the excellent service they provide.”

As the Indonesian market continues to develop, the competition grows along with the expectations of paying customers, and the need to stand out with a unique concept or superior technological edge rises.

PT. Electro Audio Engineering’s Linson Sugianto says: “With Funktion-One, Holywings’ sound quality and guest satisfaction have been taken to the next level. It shows that as Indonesia’s largest lifestyle and entertainment chain, Holywings is fully committed to using the best sound system possible for its venues and give the best experience to its guests.”

Saputra agrees: “The sound quality and ambience at our Holywings has increased to a new level since using Funktion-One. Our customers are very entertained and, with that, we strengthen our position as a market leader.”

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