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Dance Stack Overview

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The Funktion-One Dance Stack® concept is a classic series of loudspeaker systems designed specifically for the club-world.  They are both sonically and visually imposing and are much sought after by leading nightclub venues. 


With the more recent introduction of the Evolution series, F215Mk2 & F315 there are now new options to consider when selecting a particular Dance Stack configuration.  We recommend speaking with us or our representatives to select the most appropriate specification for your venue.  If you are considering a Dance Stack system for your venue, you are welcome to email us for advice.


The Funktion-One Dance Stack® is a state-of-the-art series of sonically and visually imposing loudspeaker systems designed specifically for the club world and used as far and wide as America, Russia, Japan, China, Korea and Brazil.  Many leading European clubs have also embraced the Dance Stack® as the cornerstone of their operations.  The purity of the Funktion One design approach completely avoids the usual pitfall of system EQ with its associated phase problems.  This leads to incredible transient delivery which provides club goers around the world with a totally involving musical experiences.  A choice of Funktion One bass specification means that the Dance Stack® can be tailored to the individual needs of the venue.

These systems offer an unprecedented level of power combined with a breathtaking transparency and purity with a strong eye-catching visual aesthetic.


Whilst Dance Stacks can still be ordered with DS15s and DS210s and a choice of bass, we are also encouraging consideration of systems comprising F215Mk2 mid-bass and Evolution SH and EH mid-high enclosures along with our horn-loaded or bass-reflex bass enclosures.  Please contact us for advice.


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Dance Stack Overview Technical Drawing
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