Since the range was launched in 2015, Funktion-One’s Evolution Series has already proven popular in a wide variety of different environments, from nightclub and theatre installations to festivals, live events, tours and sports venues, but the introduction of the Evo Touring (7T) loudspeaker a year later and the release of the 7TH mid-high section and 7TL-215 with its horn-loaded 15in drivers at Prolight + Sound 2017 further increased the flexibility of the Series, meaning the company’s Evo clusters can now be considered ‘extremely scalable’.

“These additional ‘building blocks’ open up a swathe of options when it comes to Evo 7T configurations,” explains Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews. “It means that Evo Touring systems can be scaled up, while having the right balance across the frequency range. Consequently, the range of applications Evo Touring systems are suitable for has expanded significantly.”

“We’ve reached a new level of audio performance with the Evo Series, which came from the discoveries we made while developing Vero,” Andrews reveals. “The methodology is the same: there needs to be a genuine way of getting more power and more throw at the top of the configuration – whether it’s a cluster or a vertical array. The Evo 7TH gives us exactly that but to maintain balance with the extended mid-highs we needed to reinforce the mid-bass frequencies, so we developed the Evo 7TL-215.”

Read the full article on the AMI website. Photo of The Glade Stage at Glastonbury 2017 by Sound Services, who also supplied and managed the Evo set-up there.

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