Loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One has joined forces with Ko Team as its distributor for Israel. The collaboration signals an exciting chapter for both companies, as they look forward to bringing Funktion-One sound to more venues and audiences around the country.

Following a meeting at ISE in early February, the conversation between Funktion-One’s Director of Business Development Bill Woods and Ko Team’s Keynan Oz continued, with the partnership being finalised remotely due to travel restrictions.

“After the show we all agreed that Ko Team are the right company to work with in Israel and take the brand forward,” recalls Bill. “I was scheduled to visit Tel Aviv in early March but as the Coronavirus began to inexorably spread, I cancelled my flight and my appointments. After about a month, it became clear that trying to plan a visit was pointless, so the handshakes and onboarding had to be done virtually.”

Though the distribution partnership is new, Keynan’s connection with Funktion-One goes back a couple of decades, he explains. “We have owned many Tony Andrews designed speakers over the past 20 years, and have grown from working as technicians in companies that owned them, then owning them ourselves, learning everything about them and now taking on the distribution.”

For Keynan and his team, the aim is to create the best environments, which means the best possible audio. He continues: “We believe our mission and life’s work is to create the best atmosphere in Israel’s nightlife. We see Funktion-One as the very best sound system in the world, so we’re very excited to have it in our company.”

Both Bill and Keynan recognise the potential in Israel and an opportunity to bring Funktion-One sound to more people. Bill says: “Having spent time in Tel Aviv a few years ago, I was aware of the bustling bar culture in the beach area and the potential for our brand if we were with the right company. Keynan and I totally agreed on a strategy and the stock necessary to take that forward. The pandemic conspired to scupper the initial plan, but I am 100% confident in Keynan and his team’s ability to put Funktion-One in the position it deserves.”

Keynan adds: “There are over 1,000 nightlife locations in Israel. We are very excited to start installing Funktion-One systems; upgrading our customers and raising the sound quality of installs in Israel.”

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