Prolight + Sound takes place at the Messe Frankfurt on 10-13 April 2018. Join us and any of our distributors and rental partners. We will introduce the new F124 bass enclosure to the European market, we will demo the F124 and Evo in the Open Air Agora ‘Live Sound’ Stage and we will showcase loudspeakers from across our extensive range on our larger stand.

Vital info:
Stand: Hall 3.1 E81
Demos: Open Air Agora A15

European launch of the F124 bass enclosure
By re-visiting a 24-inch frame and tooling they had developed during a previous R&D phase, the basis of the new enclosure quickly fell into place. To create the completed package, Funktion-One invested significant time into ensuring the other elements were exactly right. Key among these was the magnet and coil. Andrews and the Funktion-One design team worked closely with Precision Devices to find the best performing solution, eventually developing a double 6-inch voice coil motor with an unprecedented Bl factor of 50 to give the necessary motive power. To Funktion-One’s knowledge, this is now the most powerful electromagnetic structure in a loudspeaker.

The results are astonishing. Two voice coils and intense magnetic flux control a 24-inch cone with impressive accuracy, ensuring excellent transient response and extended depth to below 30Hz. This combination of mid-bass speed and impact with low-bass extension from a single enclosure makes the F124 the perfect bass partner for the company’s Evolution systems and other Funktion-One mid-high speakers.

As Andrews notes, the universally enthusiastic feedback the F124 has received during testing provides confirmation that the team’s time has been well spent.  “It’s probably the best all round bass device on the planet,” he says. “Everyone who has experienced it has been blown away. It was quite a long development process – around two years – but that attention to detail has returned a fantastic result.”

He continues: “The fact that it’s horn-loaded means that its output is solid and precise. At this sort of size, most other manufacturers use bass reflex technology, which gets a completely different result. I believe we’re the only company doing anything that is genuinely different that works, and with the addition of the F124, I feel that we’ve got a complete range of the highest performing bass speakers on the market.”

The F124 is available worldwide via the Funktion-One distributor and dealer network.

Larger stand featuring Vero, Evo, 32-inch bass options and more
The Funktion-One stand will be approximately two metres longer than last year, meaning more space for products from the company’s loudspeaker ranges. The stand will showcase a flown Vero array, F132 and BR132A 32-inch bass enclosures, ground stacked arrangement of F124 bass enclosures with Evo 6E speakers, a PSM318 DJ monitor, and an SB210A/F81 self-powered compact system.

Outdoor demos at the Live Sound Arena
Funktion-One will once again take its place at the Live Sound Arena/Open Air Agora. The demos will feature an Evo configuration with a central position of six newly launched F124 bass enclosures.

Demo times (all four days):






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