Sitting on the beachfront in the Ecuadorian town of Montanita, the Lost Beach Club is the spiritual home of one man’s mission to bring great music to the world – aided by a recently refreshed Evo system from Funktion-One.

Lost Beach Club is something of a unique proposition in Ecuadorian clubbing. Located in the small surfers’ town of Montanita – a two-hour drive from the nearest city – it has nonetheless secured a reputation for being among the best beach club experiences in the world. It’s a success due in no small part to the driving vision of owner Kami Tadayon and his insistence on the best quality Funktion-One sound system. “Lost Beach is unique,” explained Kami. “You’re under the stars, on the beachfront, in a town of 1,000 residents, and you have this superclub, with the best sound system in the world and some of the best DJs in the world coming to play every weekend. There’s nothing like this anywhere in Ecuador – or even Peru and Columbia.”

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