Funktion-One founder, Tony Andrews, was recognised for almost five decades at the forefront of professional audio with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pro Sound Awards 2017.
Presenting the award, PSNE editor, Daniel Gumble said: “His career has spanned over four decades, during which time he has consistently operated at the cutting edge of the industry – often going against the grain and never afraid to speak his mind. He is also one of, if not, the most vocal of evangelists for the many virtues of pure audio.”
Daniel continued with an introduction written by esteemed sound engineer, Roger Lindsay. In it, Roger drew attention to the fact that, from very early on, innovation was Tony’s mantra: “Tony made us aware that by being open to a totally new approach to enclosure design, we could all benefit in the long run.” Tony’s loudspeaker systems became the “systems of choice for a who’s who of rock music legends, including: Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Iron Maiden and many, many more.”
Roger’s introduction concluded by saying: “He’s a man who has always remained true to his chosen path and refused to compromise his principles even when swimming against the tide. His tireless crusade to open our ears to something better, often in the face of fierce opposition, has given us all something to aspire to and celebrate. Tony Andrews’ huge contribution to our industry over the past four decades has proved that the passion and self-belief that has driven him will always succeed in the end and, hopefully for us, will continue to do so for many years to come.”
Watch Tony’s acceptance speech below.
**It was recorded on a small digital camera, so the sound quality isn’t brilliant. We get the irony**

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