Words by Piecey, published by Stoney Roads video by Futurecast

On Friday the 20th of November, three mates and I headed out of Sydney towards Strawberry Fields Festival near Toccumwal. During the 8-hour cruise down, we speculated on what some of the sets, the crowd and the site would be like, based on doofs we had been to previously. However, as much as we thought we had an idea of what was about to go down, in true doof fashion Strawberry Fields blew us away.

After stopping at the Aldi in Albury to pick up some essentials (rivets), and passing through Toccumwal, we were directed into the police camp 20 minutes out of the festival. Although we didn’t have anything to be worried about, it was strange watching officers and sniffer dogs go through our bags. We did chat to an officer about their presence there, where he mentioned ‘we just wish no one would bring anything illegal into these festivals, and we wouldn’t have to come here.’ Ah man. We were given the all-clear and headed towards our destination.

Finding a camping spot within the festival was easy, and our neighbours welcomed us immediately as we were setting up our tents. After everything was ready, we headed toward the sound of thumpers to see what we were in for. We arrived at the main stage to catch the second half of Tensnake’s set, featuring a bunch of groovy, celebratory numbers such as 16 Bit Lolitas’ ‘Deep In My Soul’ which were well received by the eager crowd. The Funktion One sound rig proved that the organizers were willing to cut no corners in delivering the best sound for the event. At 10:30, Booka Shade took the stage, delivering a smooth, live house set which kicked the festival into full swing. It became clear pretty quickly that we were extremely lucky to be watching this particular act. Amongst the live jams, classics like ‘Body Language’ and ‘In White Rooms’ went off.

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