Rudolph D is serious about home hi-fi….

“I come from the world of professional sound systems, experimenting with different equipment, like v-DOSC, Nexo Alpha e / SI2000, APG 9000, Atelier33, JBL Vertec, Turbosound Floodlight and Flashlight and Martin. My stock consisted of 24 subs and 16 heads with four-inch Beryllium (by Atelier 33) drivers, which was rented for rock and dance events.

“After stopping my sound system activity, I went to the Siel Show in Paris where I heard the famous Funktion-One Dance Stack. It was the trigger and some time after I bought a pair of Resolution 3 speakers for my birthday. They replaced my Elipson stereo speakers with the famous Audax HD3P tweeter.

“Today I use my Res 3s with three Crown amplifiers and dbx DriveRack 4800. The settings are adjusted with REW Room EQ acoustics software. I still haven’t found an equivalent in terms of sound quality from any hi-fi speakers when playing my favorite music; Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson, Vitalic, Etienne de Crecy, Daft Punk. They are a bit larger in the living room but purple is my favourite colour.”

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