The Funktion-One founder has been recognised by Wrexham Glyndŵr University for his decade-spanning work at the forefront of professional audio

In a ceremony that awarded graduates in Art and Design, Media and Communications Technology, Humanities and Computing at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews was presented with an Honorary Fellowship.

The University confers Honorary Fellowships upon people in recognition of their significant commitment to the University and the wider community and is the highest honour that the University can bestow.

In his acceptance speech, Andrews said: “I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to make a living pursuing what intrigues and stimulates me. This is a driving force that, much to my amazement, has persisted for over 50 years now.

“Amongst the qualities essential for progress and achievement are application and perseverance, which today’s graduating students have amply demonstrated by successfully completing their studies.

“Keep in mind that there is great soul expression in going after the things you are passionate about. Most of the interesting stuff in life happens at frontiers and boundaries, and the status quo is merely a temporary condition on the way to truth – thank you very much.”

Colin Heron, Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology Associate Dean for Student Engagement, said: “Our Honorary Fellowships are for people who have made a significant difference in a particular field, and Tony’s work in sound system design and development very much matches that description. Fellows are also honoured for their support of the work that Wrexham Glyndwr University does, and throughout the time we have been associated with Tony he has been a source of advice and guidance for our students – advice which draws upon the decades of experience he has had at the cutting edge of his industry.

“Also important to the University is Tony’s approach to empirical research in the development of his technology. Rather than following current trends, his approach is to question everything, including his own past products, leading to new innovation and world class products. This is inspirational to our students, who through their own studies are being encouraged to adopt the same approach.”

Heron added: “It was a delight to be able to welcome Tony back to the University, and to see him bestowed with an Honorary Fellowship – an award which he richly deserves.”

Photos by Wrexham Glyndwr University

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