RP Sound & Lighting in Cape Town, South Africa was founded by Peter Rix in the late ’90s. The company recently took on new recruit Tyla Dalgleish, who embarked on her first major event – Sungazer Festival (Beach Party Edition) – a two day spectacular on Kogel Bay Beach over the last weekend of March.

RP Sound & Lighting has recently taken me onboard to learn how to setup and run their Funktion-One sound rigs. My first working event was Sungazer, a new up-and-coming music festival, dabbling in house, techno, progressive and psy trance music. It is a festival that you do not want to miss. This time we hosted the party on Kogel Bay Beach near Cape Town, by far one of the most beautiful venues in South Africa (if the wind plays along!)

Kogel Beach Aerial View Funktion-One

This time we used a neat three over three setup each side, using Funktion F221 bass bins, Res 4 tops and a function monitor setup with an extra bass bin just for the DJ. Might I add that this system should not be underestimated, it is pure power!

The sound was flowing, and partygoers were dancing right through the night and the music was in full swing. Being my first time properly setting up and running the rig, I was on a complete high just trying to comprehend that it was me who could control the music that was feeding this energetic crowd.

The sound was crisp and clear and could even be heard down on the water’s edge. It’s incredible to hear just how magical the Funktion-One rigs can sound when run correctly. The bass is like no other and the overall sound is potent but not overwhelmingly loud and out of place – it fits like a glove and can turn almost anyone into a music lover.

Sungazer may only just be starting out, but the good vibe it brings and the electric dancefloor energy are not a common occurrence. The owner is marvelous and his passion for music shines throughout the event. The party was amazing to work at and the crew are eager to help and work together towards a common goal – bringing people together and throwing a party to remember.

As far as sound goes, they are not shy when it comes to only using the best equipment. This time we had two stages, our main stage and then a beach bar with the most spectacular view and an epic Funktion-One rig. It consisted of two BR 221 subs, two F215 Mk2 mid bass and two Evo 6SH tops. This was my first time ever seeing, let alone operating this system, and what an absolute treat. It was refreshing to take a walk on Sunday away from the trance and into a whole different world of groove down by the beach bar.

As a woman in the industry, I find that most people don’t know what to say. At first, they often look worried that I might have no idea what I’m doing, but as the party goes on and they see me working, expressions of confusion turn in to smiles and wonderful comments, many about how amazing it is to finally see a woman rocking a sound rig on her own. I’m definitely not afraid to get my hands dirty, but it is quite a sight watching me attempt to lift a Res 4 above my head!

Tyla Dalgleish, RP Sound & Lighting

It’s all about the passion, and that is what drives me to learn as much as I can and perform to the best of my ability. In this industry there is no room for error, so learning quickly and being on it is essential. I am overjoyed to be where I am, and I cannot thank my boss and work partner enough.

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