Hertfordshire’s Farr Festival is a special little affair that embraces the soulful parts of musical gatherings. Seemingly devoid of any obtrusive commercialism, Farr gives precedence to creating bespoke and engaging environments and to audio design that lets people feel the music.

Dave Millard – Full Fat Audio’s founder and owner – has supplied the sound systems since the event’s early days, almost a decade ago.

“I lived in the same village as the promoter, Oscar Thornton, and we became friends. The first year was basically a friend’s birthday party in a caravan in the woods. They only had a couple of speakers, but people enjoyed the setting, they had a good time, so they decided to keep it going.

“It grew from 500 to 1,500 for a couple of years, and then they felt confident and comfortable enough to invest some money and get some bigger acts in and then they jumped up to 3,000. AEG took it over and absorbed Oscar, who was basically the architect of the festival. He’s still involved, overseeing the acts and the whole personality of the festival and I’m involved on the audio side because we can do bespoke and unusual system designs, which are what the festival needs.”

As well as running FFA, Millard holds a sizeable stock of Funktion-One loudspeakers, which he pairs with his own amps for a variety of events throughout the year. Farr’s five stages are all equipped with this combination, with supplier support coming from Zion Audio.

Millard explains: “I’ve been using Funktion-one since about 2001. I mean, I was using Tony Andrews and John Newsham’s designs when it was Turbosound. It’s just something that appeals to me – it’s something that I get.”

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