Funktion-One has added two new speakers to its Evolution Touring Series. The latest development of the range, which was announced at Prolight + Sound 2017, sees the addition of supplementary mid-high and mid-bass enclosures. This significantly increases the flexibility of the Evolution Series and means that Evo clusters are now extremely scalable.

Funktion-One launched the Evo Series at Prolight + Sound 2015 with the introduction of the Evo 6E and Evo 7E loudspeakers. The company developed a user-friendly flying system for the series and debuted the tour-ready Evo 7T at the same show last year. The latest additions to the series – the Evo 7TH and the Evo 7TL-215 – also come with integrated flying gear, enabling rapid, seamless configuration with all the components in the Evo 7T flying clusters.

Evolution 7TH is the mid-high section of the Evo 7T. It features 10in mid-range and a 1.4in compression driver for high frequencies. The Evo7TH is significantly smaller than the Evo 7T, making it extremely flexible and adaptable to a number of configurations. When used with Evo 7T, the Evo7 TH is inverted, meaning the high frequencies and mids mirror perfectly, maintaining coherency which enables mutual reinforcement for increased reach and audience capacity.

Evolution 7TL-215 features two Evo 7T horn-loaded 15in drivers. It provides mid-bass reinforcement for flown and ground-stacked Evo configurations.

The increase in scalability that comes with the addition of the Evo 7TH and 7TL-215 mean that Evo configurations can comfortably deliver precise and even coverage to audiences of up to 10,000 people.

Commenting on the growth of the Evo Series, Funktion-One founder, Tony Andrews, said: “The Evo Series was born out of the discoveries we made while developing Vero, so the methodology is the same: there needs to be a genuine way of getting more power and more throw to the top – whether it’s a cluster or an array. The Evo 7TH gives us exactly that but to maintain balance with the extended mid-highs, we needed to reinforce the mid-bass frequencies, so we developed the 7TL-215.

“We’re really happy with how the Evo 7T has performed in a wide variety of tour, live and festival applications. These supplementary additions to the series really open up what’s possible, in terms of configurations and audience sizes.”

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