Dutch company, Think! AV, has updated its stock of audio equipment with the addition of a new Vero sound system. It comes ahead of a hectic summer period for the company, which has enjoyed considerable growth over the last five years.

Vero by Funktion-One is a vertically arrayable sound system which delivers point source sound for live and touring applications, while utilising the deployment advantages of a vertical array.

Think! AV’s owner, Remco van der Werff, said: “We’ve provided sound for some incredible events here in The Netherlands and that increasingly involves a Vero system that we’ve been hiring in up until now. Event organisers love Vero and audiences do too, so it makes complete sense for us to have our own system and push Think! AV on to the next level at the same time.”

Vero is a large format touring sound system. It is a complete system – featuring loudspeakers, amplification, rigging and software – that combines outstanding sonic performance and ease of use. Its vertical format means it is designed for the ergonomic expectations of modern touring environments, yet its audio quality and efficiency is unprecedented. Vero is a new type of system that comes from a new approach to tour sound.

The Vero range features five highly-efficient, low distortion horn-loaded loudspeakers – the V60 mid-high, V90 mid-high and V315 mid-bass with a choice of V221 or V132 bass. The V60s, V90s and V315s all have identical dimensions enabling them to be flown in the same vertical array. The ground stacked V221 or V132 bass enclosures offer a choice of size and low frequency extension

Funktion-One announced the sale of a Vero system to Think! AV at Prolight + Sound 2017. Company founder, Tony Andrews, commented: “We’re really happy that there is now a permanent Vero system in the Netherlands; Remco fully deserves the business success he has worked so hard to achieve. I have no doubt that Vero will continue to impress and that Think! AV will benefit from being the main Vero operator in that area.”

Think! AV provides sound, lighting and stage equipment, as well as service support, for a range of events and installed venues. The largest Funktion-One rental company in the Netherlands holds an impressive list of customers, including: Dekmantel, Mysteryland, Welcome to the Future and Club Shelter Amsterdam.

The company is looking forward to a busy summer: “Every year for the past five or so years, the summer season has been even crazier than the previous one. It’s the perfect time for us to add Vero to the audio solutions we can offer our customers. It will also open up new opportunities. While Vero has all the attributes necessary for quick deployment and easy load out, it can’t be touched when it comes to sound quality. We’re very excited about bringing that sound to audiences here in the Netherlands and around Europe.”

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