When Covid-19 curtailed the Music and Sound Design course at Ravensbourne University in early March, Sova Audio quickly adapted its collaboration with the London institution in order to support students with their immersive AV projects. The university, which has trained esteemed creatives such as David Bowie and Stella McCartney since opening in 1962, is renowned for its vocational approach to learning. This hands-on style certainly carried through this initiative, which saw Sova Audio recreate the spatial studio in its Hackney headquarters.

Sova Audio, under the stewardship of Managing Director George Yankov, has been an advocate for spatial audio since before ‘immersive listening experiences’ became the buzz term for marketers throughout the pro audio industry. In fact, his company is built on his passion for “multi-dimensional sound fields with object-based spatial audio.”

Inspired by the pioneering work of Funktion-One founders Tony Andrews and John Newsham in ambisonics, and buoyed by his own explorations and experiences, Yankov has found Sova Audio’s place embedded in London’s most progressive artistic circles. He champions education and adopts a what goes around comes around attitude when it comes to helping the next generation of technical innovators.

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