The movement that started in Berlin during lockdown has now spread to 65 cities across the world.

United We Stream Brighton (UWSB) launched on 18 June with a programme of live performances to raise funds for Brighton’s night time economy, which has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One is partnering with the initiative, supplying its new, ultracompact F5 / SB8 sound system for in the room playback.

United We Stream was founded in Berlin to support clubs, artists and event organisers drastically affected by lockdown, through livestreaming from an empty venue direct into people’s homes. The idea of the ‘living room rave’ has captured imaginations around the globe, spreading to 65 cities across every continent. While the streams are free, those tuning in are encouraged to make donations – so far raising over a million euros for worthy causes.

When UWSB founding partner Brighton Music Conference (BMC) approached Funktion-One about lending its support, the audio pioneers were keen to get involved.

Funktion-One’s Ann Andrews said: “We’ve got a great relationship with the BMC guys and have been involved in their conference for a number of years. They’re very passionate about club culture and the electronic music community, so it’s natural that they’re flying the flag for Brighton. We’re very happy to be involved.”

The Funktion-One F5 speaker and SB8 bass unit, launched earlier this year, is the loudspeaker manufacturer’s smallest ever system. While ultracompact in size, it boasts the same performance characteristics as its large format systems, meaning Funktion-One sound in a range of environments, including: bars and restaurants, small events, DJ and desktop monitoring, studios, cinema rooms and home music systems.

The new system has been well received by UWSB performers.

Billy Nasty enthused: “I was really impressed with the new Funktion-One monitors – such great sound, size and design. In this case, good things definitely do come in small packages!”

Wax Worx said: “I love the new Funktion-One monitors. Super-sleek design and although they are compact, the clarity is insane. My word do they pack a punch! 10/10.”

Alex Downey noted: “Size most certainly doesn’t matter. I’m trying to think of a way of describing the sound – clear, compact and punchy. Perfection.”

UWSB and BMC’s Billy Mauseth said: “It’s always great to have Funktion-One’s backing. We’re really excited to have the new system and to re-connect with the Brighton music community. The entertainment industry is facing a very challenging time and we want to play our part in supporting it.”

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