After closing its doors at the end of the 2017 party season, Station Casinos took on the monumental effort of reviving the Palms Casino property’s identity and, in doing so, chose to set the standard in nightlife hospitality for years to come by making sure every detail and every feature of its rebirth is of the highest quality. Around 18 months later, the resort relaunched Kaos – over 100,000 sqft of dayclub and nightclub, complete with a record-breaking pool deck and what may just be the most technologically advanced nightclub in the world.

Sound Investment AV supplied: Evo 7E, Evo 7SH, Evo 6SH, Res 2SH, F124, F132AF115 Mk2, F221, F315, F215, MB210, BR221, BR218, BR118, BR115, PM12, F101, F88

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