Pro Audio Asia has published a nice story about Finn’s Beach Club in Bali.

Pantai Berawa, Canggu is an up and coming area of Bali that has recently seen a lot of development take place as it looks to grow its tourism industry. At the heart of this regeneration is Finn’s Beach Club, which due to a surge in visitors required a new sound system that would surpass patron expectations. Therefore, Surabaya-based DMP Musik was called upon to install a solution and at the client’s request designed a setup built around Funktion-One.

“The owner surveyed popular beach clubs in Bali and found that he was really impressed by Funktion-One speakers and how they were capable of delivering such a different audio experience that immensely elevated people’s moods,” recalled DMP Musik’s Kenny Soewondo. “Afterwards, he contacted us and we regularly flew from Surabaya to Denpasar to install the sound system at Finn’s Beach Club as well as other installation projects that we were doing on the island.”

Read the full story on the Pro Audio Asia website.

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