Glastonbury 2016 welcomed back the Experimental Soundfield, a place in which new thinking is embraced as the boundaries of sound as we know it are questioned. Funktion One’s Tony Andrews and Acid House DJ, A Guy Called Gerald, speak to TPi’s Kelly Murray about the importance of continually pushing the limits in audio experimentation.

“We’ve known the Glade team for quite a while now and we’ve naturally become friends. When they asked us back here, it meant them allowing me to do what I like to do, which is generally along the lines of ‘let’s see what happens if we take this out’, and I really appreciate it. In some ways, I’m a production manager’s worst nightmare because I’m always experimenting. But if I’m not always experimenting, then I’m retiring. If you don’t experiment, you don’t find out what could happen next…”

Read the full article in the August edition of TPi or on the TPi website.

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