Glam I Am

A promoter, a tour manager, a venue manager and an event booker walk into a bar. They look at each other and say, almost as one, ‘we’ll take it’.

The venue in question has transformed into Glamorama: an upstairs bar, restaurant and nightclub in Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Most of the cadre of partners already have another small bar under their belt (Prahran’s Less Than Zero) and were looking to use Glamorama to fill a niche for which they had a passion and considerable expertise — electronic music.

There was nothing like it in the inner north of Melbourne. And with all the in-house professional experience, Glamorama could potentially bring in high-profile artists and DJs, here and abroad, without the usual additional promotion and management costs.

The guys were intent on doing Glamorama properly. The bar offering is perfectly curated. The food is exemplary. And to present electronic music in all its formidable power you have to push the boat out on the audio investment. With all their collective experience, the owners knew this instinctively and after due diligence pulled the trigger on a Funktion-One PA with Adam Ward of Full Throttle Entertainment providing the audio design and installation services [see the audio box item for more]. As, Jeremy Koadlow, one of the venue’s directors put it: “The audio was the single biggest expense. But it needed to be.”

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